Los Angeles Electric Adjustable Beds An adjustable bed is a type of bed that can be adjusted to various positions, typically by using a remote control or a built-in control panel. These beds typically have a base that can be raised or lowered at the head and/or foot of the bed, allowing for a more comfortable sleeping or sitting position. Some adjustable beds also have built-in massage and heat features. They are often used by people who have difficulty sleeping or who have medical conditions that make it uncomfortable to sleep in a flat position. Adjustable beds can also be used to elevate the head and feet to improve circulation and to ease symptoms of conditions such as acid reflux and sleep apnea.


Los Angeles Adjustable Beds


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About Us
Electropedic is the original manufacturer of the Electropedic Adjustable Bed.
3-Generations Family Owned and Operated.
Founded by Henry Kraus in 1964
And is now run by his two Son's, Philip and Lloyd Kraus;
And their 3 Son's and Daughter: Paul, Ryan, Zachary and Sasha.
In 1985, Electropedic diversified into Electric Homecare Products:
Electric Adjustable, Bariatric, Hospital Beds
Electric Lift Chairs, Stair Lifts and Porch Lifts
Electric Scooters, Wheelchairs & Vehicle Lifts
Electropedic is also the manufacturer of America's Best-Built
Whole Natural, Organic and Talalay Latex-pedic Mattresses and Pillows.
Electropedic has made "Your Comfort Is Everything!" their only business Since 1964.

The WH2 Electropedic Adjustable Bed

20-Year Limited Warranty on Motors, Mattress, Frame, Hand-Control and Casters

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People spend on average over 12 hours each day on their Lift Chair Recliner.  Many people sleep on them too!

The WH2 Electropedic Adjustable Bed

High Profile Talalay Latex Mattress
9" High Profile Latex Mattress

We have made "Your Comfort Is Everything!" our only business Since 1964. Ask about our 10-Day Exchange Policy. 


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